Sunday, March 1, 2009

32. Sad News...

We lost two this week!
Our Buff-Laced Polish "Lucille" was attacked in the early evening by a predator. Dottie, our Wyandotte rooster came to her rescue, put up a great fight, but lost his life due to terrible injuries sustained. We are sooooooo sad!!

However, on a fluke we decided to ask around other backyard chicken keepers and found an incubator... So, we popped in a dozen choice eggs and in three weeks might have some new chicks!


BYC Member said...

I am very sorry about what happened to Lucille and Dottie. It's amazing how these animals look out for each other. Thumbs up for brave Dottie! Thank you for sharing this experience. Hope you'd get back on your feet raising new ones soon.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting!
While we are sad about our two losses, the new roo is awesome and the prospect of new chicks exciting!

BYC has been an excellent source of info - thanks for stopping by!