Thursday, May 29, 2008

7. Introducing Speckle & Sparrow

These two I called 'the speckled one' and 'the one that looks like a sparrow' and the names just stuck. So, ta-da, introducing:



Sparrow is very timid and looks worried much of the time in part because of her ringed eyes, like a sparrow. Speckle has a dotted head and is very curious. She was the first to fly out of the kiddie pool box enclosure in the guest room.

6. Another chick is named!

My sister came for a visit and named a Black Star. After deliberation of lots of potential titles, the chickie below is named Olive!

She is interested in life outside the kiddie pool coop and is very investigative. Neat-o!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5. Toaster takes flight!

Toaster is the first to try her wings.

She draws a crowd - I wonder what new tricks are in store...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

4. Our third chick is named!

The little light colored Araucana on the right is named Buttercup!

Below is a clip from today.
Check out Toaster getting even with a Black Star!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

3. The Battle for Head Hen.

The chicks are about a week old. They are testing out their wings and their wills. Only one will win the battle to be head hen and the challenge for the title has begun.

Friday, May 23, 2008

2. The Naming Begins!

I know, I know...

We have been told not to name the chicks until after they have survived outside (or at least inside for a while longer than just the first few days!) so as not to get attached, but somehow, two of them have names...The all white one is "Toaster".

I believe this is because in my research about backyard chicken raising, I read quite a bit of endearing and amusing stories about relationships had beyond the usual egg-producing-machine affection that these fluff and feather balls provide.

In relaying one such story about a hen, I mixed up her name with toaster. It was some odd item thing that I couldn't remember and I said "it was something crazy, like toaster".

Somehow, our younger son still had this name in mind when he gazed at the fluffy white thing among our bunch... So, Toaster it is (better than the story hen's true name of Mailbox, no?)

Behind Toaster is the darkest black of our Black Star chicks. She is colored a little bit differently in that she does not have a 'star' on the top of her head and her underside is more white than cream. I keep wondering if we will have some mystery tufted rooster instead of a brown egg layer, but only time (and a 4:30am wake up call) will tell.

She is named "Penguin" thanks to a friend of the older son. Who knew? The name just sticks.

1. Meet the Chicks!


I am pleased to share info about our newest additions, the six Aruacana and four Black Star baby chickens that arrived on May 19th, 2008.