Sunday, October 26, 2008

25. A New Hello, x3!

Wow, everything is always a-changing!

Yesterday evening we picked up two Polish crested chicks, just barely fully feathered... Can you resist the cuteness of these two??
Also, while we were at Kimberley's coop, we were shown a poor snubbed Partridge Cochin not allowed to make friends with any of the hens there because of those darn coop dynamics! So we of course took her home also...
At this morning's count, we are up to 16 hens and 1 rooster!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

24. Time to Say Goodbye...

It was lovely getting to know Rooey, but his aggression towards new people and constant crowing -just good rooster behavior for sure -got the better of us.

I found a kindly gentleman from Orange County who has 60 acres (lucky him!). Rooey is now boss to 26 hens and I am sure he is thrilled.

Goodbye Rooey!!!!

On a more thrilling tangent, we have been getting TONS of eggs lately (well, tons for us that is...). Yesterday was an all time high with 6 collected!! The Araucanas are finally laying, so we can proudly say we've raised day-old chicks up to 23 week old laying hens... And yes, it did take that darn long.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

23. Finally!!

I found a great surprise when I went to let the chickens out this afternoon!! One of the hens laid an egg!!I still don't know which one it was.. But me thinks one of the year old new girls: the White Cochins or the Jersey Giants... Either way, YAY!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

22. For Inquiring Minds Only...

I started a new blog for the chicks because, well, they're just not chicks anymore. As chickens, drama is unfolding by the day...

Check out coop drama for all the action!