Wednesday, February 4, 2009

31. Ice & Snow, Snow & Ice!

As the calendar turns another month and spring is ahead in the not so distant future, I can look back at the winter we have survived through thus far, amazed that we (the chickens, the coop and us) all made it!
Ice & snow were plentiful this year and made for cold treks out to the coop to keep the supply of fresh water from freezing into blocks. We added a heated dog bowl last month which was a good idea, as temps were down in the single digits for a few days. Even so, the girls clucked and brawwwwked their days, providing us with eggs (albeit less than in months with more light).

On a side note, Patty seems to have fully incorporated herself into the flock.This could be in part due to the little feather-headed Buff Laced Polish who is at bottom of the pecking order but might not realize it because she can hardly see. One of these days we are going out there with scissors to give her a new feather-do!

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