Monday, July 6, 2009

39. Growing Up & Moving Out

The little chicks have turned into chickens - although it will still be a month and a half before the new hens lay eggs. While our hatching statistics were great, the final results were not - out of the 12 eggs, we ended up with four pullets (hens) and eight cockerels (roosters)!! I recently placed an add on craigslist and at hoping for a prompt pick-up of the soon-to-be-crowers... Yikes!

With that said, we have decided to keep two of the new roos and re-home the rest, including the Golden Laced Polish, Cassanova (aka Punk), since he is quite loud and not properly congratulated for his efforts. As I write I am hoping they will all get to live out good and useful rooster lives without becoming soup too soon... but, alas, so goes the life of a rooster in these parts.

Here are some pictures of the new lovlies!
Above is an Ameraucana rooster - he is very big and just gorgeous.
The above hen is one of the four females from the new hatch. She had an Araucana mom so she will lay blue/green eggs!
These two are also keepers. Their mom was an Australorp. On the left is a rooster and on the right a hen. They are two of three we had turn out gray/blue. We were so excited when we saw that one of the blues was a girl!!

As of yet, these birds are all unnamed. We plan on going away for a week after the other roosters are re-homed, and when we come back hopefully the resettling coop drama will be over and then the naming will begin!