Sunday, March 21, 2010

44. :(

A sad day, but I knew it was coming... The neighbors have finally called us on the rooster noise and I have posted an ad looking at a new home for them. I love, love, love having the roosters around but, alas, a few of the neighbors did not. So, Pablo and Reubens, enjoy your time here while you can!
Goodbye, Reubens!
Goodbye, Pablo!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

43. Spring is in the Air!

In the air, yes, even if not yet on the calendar.

As it is close, we have to keep an ear and eye out for predators... Knowing this, a poor little chicken might have gone missing or been snatched yesterday. The door to the run had blown shut and the birds couldn't get into the coop in the evening. Luckily Dad heard the rooster sounding off and went to check on them. They were all making their way off into the woods and were promptly rounded up and shooed into the coop. Upon counting, we found that there was one missing! Whether or not she was stranded out in the woods or nabbed by something else was still unclear even after a search early this morning... I hope she finds her way back - if she does, she has earned a name: Lucky.
But, as it is near spring and the time for other animals to feed or prepare for their own young, the chances are slim that we will be seeing her again. Poor chickie!!

Kez and Brody (not pictured) now stand guard:
Hopefully we can keep those wanting a tasty chicken snack at bay!