Monday, December 1, 2008

26. Settling Down.

So far so good! Since the removal of the alpha roo and the addition of several new chickens, the pecking order has been in flux, however Dottie has stepped up his rooster responsibilities and the hens have adjusted their cliques accordingly, and things are smoothing slowly out very nicely.

Here is a photo of the Dad helping the White Cochins onto the new roost after we moved things around a bit...
Cheryl, the last-to-be-named Black Star is on the right next to Patty, the Partridge Cochin, on the end. Patty, shunned by her former coop-mates across town, came to us nervously and was equally shunned. But now that the two new little Polish girls have been introduced and are the bottom of the heap, Patty is regarded much better.
Below is a photo of them:
The Golden Laced is on the left and the Buff on the right. Dad and boys have decided to name them, dare I say affectionately, Thing One and Thing Two... Sheesh. I call them Carmen and Lucille, but who listens to me...

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