Thursday, October 23, 2008

24. Time to Say Goodbye...

It was lovely getting to know Rooey, but his aggression towards new people and constant crowing -just good rooster behavior for sure -got the better of us.

I found a kindly gentleman from Orange County who has 60 acres (lucky him!). Rooey is now boss to 26 hens and I am sure he is thrilled.

Goodbye Rooey!!!!

On a more thrilling tangent, we have been getting TONS of eggs lately (well, tons for us that is...). Yesterday was an all time high with 6 collected!! The Araucanas are finally laying, so we can proudly say we've raised day-old chicks up to 23 week old laying hens... And yes, it did take that darn long.

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Mr. Sinnott said...

Great picture of Rooey. Any updates on how he's doing? Any picts of him in his new digs?