Wednesday, June 4, 2008

11. All the chicks are named!

Just about all our chicks are named!
Remember our latest switch-up? Our two new black ones are:

and Peeps.

The pretty Wyandotte is Garnet (although I feel compelled to call her Ginny for some reason).

The two below are "the sisters".
We go back and forth and back again with names for them:
Thelma & Louise, Betty & Wilma, Lucy & Ethel, Hester & Priscilla, Copper & Penny...

What do YOU suggest?????????????

The closer one is curious and investigative and the first one to look up at me for the camera (her picture is the header on this blog).

The one farther away is more timid, preferring to stay back rather than coming out to eat from our hands.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ok, I can guess who is responsible for Guinness, but who named Peeps?

for the last 2 I'll suggest Salt & Pepper. Or Venus & Serena? Mary-Kate & Ashley? Britney & Jamie-Lynn?